Natural ingredients

Why The Frog cleaning and degreasing products are derived from natural ingredients, extracting key components from oranges, lemons, soybeans, and other plant bases. It allows us to make products that are SAFE for your home, your family, as well as the earth

Why The Frog Free From Harsh Chemicals

Free From Perfumes, Dyes, and a lot more

Our products contain no:

  • Perfumes or Scents

  • Dyes, Colorants, or Pigments

  • Chlorine, Chloride, or any other harsh indredients

  • Parabens, Toxins, or VOCs

Some of our cleaning products carry a gentle orange scent, but this comes from the orange-oil cleaning ingredient and is not an added scent

Why The Frog Plant Based Bio-Based Ingredients

Plant Based Cleaning

Our cleaning products are made from entirely plant based ingredients (also called bio-based ingredients). Extracting key components and oils from oranges, lemons, soybeans, and other plants allows us to craft high performing cleaning products that clean faster, deeper, and more easily than our competition - both natural and conventional.

All of the ingredients in our cleaning products are readily biodegradable, and non-toxic for people and pets.

Why The Frog Dwell To Dissolve Soils

Clean Differently

Why The Frog cleaning works a little differently. Our plant-based ingredients work to dissolve soils and stains, reducing or eliminating the need to scrub. When cleaning with our products, you want to allow a little dwell time to allow the solution to do the hard work for you. While every product is labelled with a suggested dwell time, a general rule is a minute for normal cleaning, and 2-3 minutes for heavy soils or stains. The results will not dissappoint!

Natural Household Lubricant by Why The Frog

Household Lubricants

Our natural household lubricants are mineral based, crafted from the purest food-grade mineral oils to deliver on the same principle of SAFE for your home, your family, as well as the earth. All of the ingredients in our lubricants are rated as food-grade or higher, and while they will not degrade, they are naturally occurring and are safe for the environment.

We do recognize that some individuals have a heightened sensitivity to mineral oils no matter how pure. If you are sensitive to mineral oils


Non Toxic Ingredients

Our baseline formulas were developed for industrial applications with the highest performance demands, while being independently certified as non-toxic, food-safe, and safe for the environment. In crafting products for the household, we have relied on these same baseline formulas while adjusting the strengths to appropriately suit the application. While we have not yet attained these same certifications for individual Why The Frog products, the ingredients remain the same.

If you need to have bottles that are individually labelled as certified food safe and certified non-toxic for your place of business, you can find our industrial products by visiting our parent company site.


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