Why The Frog produces superior non-toxic products from plant-based and mineral-based ingredients for the entire home. Our commitment is to develop products that are SAFE for the home, safe for people, and safe for planet earth.


Plant Based

Why The Frog cleaning and degreasing products are derived from natural ingredients, extracting key components from oranges, lemons, soybeans, and other plant bases. It allows us to make products that are SAFE for your home, your family, as well as the earth.

Our natural household lubricants are mineral based, crafted from the purest food-grade mineral oils to deliver on the same principle of SAFE for your home, your family, as well as the earth.

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powerful performance

Across the spectrum, our products outperform the competition. Don't be fooled by the gentle nature of our ingredients. At the heart of our product development was a drive to create natural products that could be safe without having to compromise, be it a deeper clean, a longer-lasting lubricant, or an effortless shine. 

Plant-Based Cleaning

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Natural Household Lubricants

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this is only the beginning

We will be releasing new products for sale in the coming weeks and months. At Why The Frog, we never stop innovating.

Why That Frog

Seriously, why the frog?

We get that a lot

The frog is a representation of how we care for the earth, capable of surviving in many conditions but thrives in lush well-cared for edens.

The frog shows how resilient our bodies are, able to adjust to more and more chemicals like a frog in hot water, while also representing that there are limits to the toxins we can surround ourselves with.

And OUR frog is a showstopper, because we cannot accept anything less than the best when it comes to product performance.


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