Seriously, why the frog?

About Why The Frog

Our Frog

The frog is a representation of how we care for the earth, capable of surviving in many conditions but thrives in lush well-cared for edens.

The frog shows how resilient our bodies are, able to adjust to more and more chemicals like a frog in hot water, while also representing that there are limits to the toxins we can surround ourselves with.

And OUR frog is a showstopper, because we cannot accept anything less than the best when it comes to product performance.


Our Credo

At this moment, we are facing some large, daunting environmental challenges on the road ahead. These challenges are real, and the hard trush is that we may or may not be able to solve them all before we relinquish the driver's seat to the next generation.

At the top of our list:

  • Global Warming

  • Increasing Scarcity of Clean Drinking Water

This is our reality, and it is our responsibility to seek out and engage in real, sound solutions - big, small, and in-between. We recognize that our environment is both local and global, and at Why The Frog, we want to be good green neighbors.

So this is how we roll:

We believe in disrupting the status quo

Real solutions to real problems are rarely discovered by doing things the way they've been done before. Innovation creates breakthroughs that lead to new ways of thinking and better ways of living

We believe in conserving natural resources

One of our very worst habits is our wasteful exploitation of our own natural resources. Conserving the best that our plant provides is not only responsible, it is the smart solution

We believe in producing non-toxic products exclusively

We do not believe that adopting environmentally harmful ingredients in an effort towards cost savings is a clever long-term solution. We develop SAFE products that are effective, beneficial, and environmentally responsible

We believe in helping people economically

Part of being a good neighbor is giving back to our community as we can. Our environment is our natural world, our communities are our personal world, and we believe that taking care of both combines to create a lasting solution


As we continue to develop natural household solutions, we also continue to grow as good neighbors. Why The Frog is looking to establish partnerships with both local and global communities to further protect and sustain the environment. As we grow, stay tuned to see where we are participating and perhaps join us in making an effort to preserve this earth.



Sometimes, it is easy being Green